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Matt Vernacchia's Engineering Portfolio

I am currently an Aerospace Engineering PhD student at MIT, where I develop rocket propulsion systems for small, fast aircraft. These aircraft can fly at 1000 km/hr and are 10x smaller than any air vehicle of comparable speed. Along with my labmates, I fabricate rocket components with metal additive manufacturing, mix solid rocket propellants, test-fire solid rocket motors, and simulate combustion and heat transfer. I led the development of our lab's solid rocket capabilities from a clean sheet. (more about this project)

I love the process of brining difficult technologies from theory to implementation. My experience in analysis, mechanical design, prototyping, and software make me well suited to a fast-paced R&D environment. I built these skills while leading several rocket propulsion projects at MIT (1, 2, 3), integrating a flight simulator for astronauts at SpaceX, and prototyping new human-robot interfaces at JPL, among other experiences.

Finding meaning in my work is important to me. I prefer to work with passionate teams on projects with the potential to bend the future of humanity towards better outcomes.

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